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Where did February go?

Had to attend training for a week on the east coast. That took a chunk out of my February. Also, had a grandson’s birthday to celebrate, and BAM!!! February is coming to a close.

March may be a little less adventureous – well, maybe. We plan on taking our 2 older grandsons on a Pizza Tasting Adventure this coming weekend. We are going to visit several of those pizza places that let you build your own pizza and decide which one we like the best. Our goal is to make the same pizza at each place so we can compare them apples to apples; or should I say pizza to pizza?

The featured pizza picture on this post was taken at Uncle Maddio’s Pizza in Frederick, MD during my recent training  trip.

Stay tuned, cuz I’ll be posting pics from our weekend PIZZA Tasting Adventure!

Stay Curious, Be Blessed.

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