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Weekend in Parker, AZ

With our Stealth RV & RZR in tow, we had reservations at Pirates Den Resort located on the Colorado River. This was our first trip to the Parker, AZ area. We were disappointed that the RV spaces at the resort are pretty close together. We were in a back in space and had to unload our RZR before we parked the RV. Once parked, we couldn’t open our ramp. The sewer hook up was closer to the RV behind us. We had to use a lot of hose to hook up. The people next to us didn’t have enough hose to reach the sewer hook up.

Our first day there we had lunch at the Thirsty Pirate Beach Bar & Grill. Then we hit the trails with our RZR and caught a view of the sunset.

The following day we headed out to find The Desert Bar (Nellie E Saloon). Built at the sight of an old copper mine, it’s in the middle of nowhere, and only open weekends, October – April. The gravel roads are rough, so 4 wheel drive is recommended to get to The Desert Bar. You can check their website to find out if they have live music scheduled the weekend you visit. The place was packed, but there was plenty of room to roam around. The food lines were long. We asked one gal how long it took her to get her food start to finish and she said 45 minutes. We weren’t going to stand in line that long, so we headed back to our RV and had a late lunch at the Thirsty Pirate. We couldn’t get enough of the Colorado River view.

Stay Curious, Be Blessed.

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