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Spontaneous Road Trip: San Diego

Sometimes the best plan is a spontaneous plan. We had 2 days off. We decided to take an under 5 hour drive to San Diego, stay one night and return home the following day. We packed minimally, put our little dog in our Prius, filled the gas tank and drove off.

The Plan:  To visit some of our favorite places, along with finding some new places.

We reserved a hotel room at La Quinta (the most pet friendly hotel chain we know). First stop, we dropped into one of our favorite vineyards in the area, Orfila Vineyards and Winery. This particular evening, they had live music and an organic food truck on location.

For dinner we visited Amplified Ale Works Kitchen & Beer Garden. Aside from the fact that they served some tasty beer, they also served tasty food! I had a Döner Kebab Sandwich. Yum!

The next morning we headed out for our favorite coffee roaster in San Diego, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

It was a chilly morning and we didn’t pack jackets, so we decided to visit the closest Target to get each of us jackets; then we were off to find a restaurant with an ocean view for breakfast.

We decided to try Brockton Villa Restaurant. It is a quaint, historical landmark with a beachy vibe. Built in 1894, this place provided us with an amazing ocean view and the food was great!

After breakfast we took a brief walk above the shoreline. We enjoyed watching the birds, listening to the waves thunder and smelling the fresh, salt air.

From there we went in search of a beach we could take our dog for a walk. That’s when we ran into a road block. This time of the year San Diego parks have a no dogs on the beach during the day rule. They do have a couple dog parks, but when we arrived at one, it was super busy with people and their dogs. It took us a while to find out that Imperial Beach was pet friendly. We enjoyed a walk along the beach before heading back home to the Phoenix area.

We arrived home early that evening, refreshed and ready for the next day. Total approximate miles driven per my timeline on Google Maps: 725 miles. Total gas used under 13 gallons.

Stay Curious, Be Blessed.

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