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Aridus Wine Company

Scottsdale, AZ – When you move to Arizona from the Pacific Northwest (PNW), home to so many amazing wines, it can be hard to find a local wine you really like. Not that Arizona is not capable of producing good wine. The fact is, there’s a significant wine production volume difference between the two areas which effects your choices.

Granted, California surpasses the PNW regarding wine production. Washington state has 14 wine main growing regions (American Viticulture Area – AVA’s), Oregon has 18, while Arizona has 3.

Arizona AVA’s are:

  • The Verde Valley Region (Located in central AZ.)
  • The Sonoita Region (Located in SE AZ.)
  • The Willcox Region (Located in SE AZ.)

We first encountered Aridus Wine Company at their Willcox, AZ tasting room. Willcox is located 3.5 hours away from our home. We liked their wine and were happy to hear they have a tasting room in Scottsdale, which is much closer to where we live.

Our second encounter with Aridus was at their Scottsdale tasting room. We decided to join their wine club, so we would have a local wine tasting room we could take our family and friends.

The Scottsdale Aridus wine tasting room is located close to several restaurants and other wine tasting rooms, so you shouldn’t lose by visiting the area and checking them out. Odds are, something in the area will appeal to your taste buds.

Aridus, is a Latin word meaning dry or arid, pronounced air-i-dus. Seems like the perfect name for an Arizona wine!

Stay Curious, Be Blessed.

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