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New Jayco Eagle HT Maiden Voyage: Cornville, AZ

Last summer we traded in our 2014 Forest River Rockwood 5th wheel for a 2018 Jayco Eagle HT. We took it out for it’s maiden voyage Labor Day Weekend, which was also our first RV trip without our little dog, Stitch. I had let him walk around the new RV before taking our last road trip, but he never got to actually go with us in it. Our last RV trip with Stitch turned out to be our trip to Colorado.

After we bought the RV, I spend time adding some of my personal touches to the place before taking our 3 day outing. We lucked out and got last minute Labor Day Weekend reservations at Sunrise Resorts of Arizona, in Cornville, AZ. The RV park is located on the same road as a few rural vineyards. How could we lose?

This particular trip was primarily to determine if there were any additional warranty issues with the RV that we didn’t catch when we picked it up. We were fortunate that the park we stayed at turned out to be a little gem. We enjoyed meeting new people at the park. It was quiet and it’s location was convenient. And yes, at the end of our 3 day trip we ended up adding a few more things to the warranty repair list.

The Warranty Repair Process…

This whole warranty repair process can be grueling, but it’s what you do when you buy any new RV. You report the problem(s). The dealer requests the manufacturer’s authorization to do the repairs, then orders the parts. Waiting for parts typically takes the MOST time. We dropped off our RV on 9/8/18, and scheduled a pick up for 9/22/18. They weren’t totally done with the warranty repairs when we picked it up; however, we had another trip planned. We scheduled another drop off for 10/17/18, after our next road trip to California…

Stay Curious, Be Blessed.

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