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Wisconsin Summer Road Trip

We hit the road to Wisconsin in our 2016 Prius with our dog, Stitch. We planned to spend time with family and friends, and I was excited to attend my home town’s all class reunion.

This road trip turned out to be an emotional one, full of ups and downs. Ups, because we were spending time with family and friends. Downs, because our dog became sick during the first few days of our trip. We took him to the vet, and ended up having to put him down. He was one week shy of 13 years old. The vet found cancer on his spleen. He was bleeding internally and dying. This came on so suddenly, we didn’t see it coming! It was a painful decision to make. He left a huge hole in our hearts.

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A picture memorial of our dog Stitch:

(RIP Stitchy: August 18, 2005 – August 11, 2018. We loved you to the end.)

Despite our lose, we enjoyed time with my mom and friends; local food and brews.

A trip down memory lane…

Visiting Wisconsin is like taking a trip down memory lane. Got together with my high school girlfriends at Bye the Willow Beer & Wine Lounge. Ate Wisconsin cheese curds. Went to a restaurant located in Cable, WI that we saw on Drive Inns, Diners & Dives! The food at The Brick House Cafe & Catering was amazing! Ate delicious pizza and drank beer at MoonRidge Brewing Company. Drank espresso at one of our favorite coffee shops located in Bloomer, WI, Xpeditions Coffee Company.

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We took a different route home, via Nebraska. Returning home wasn’t the same. When we got there, Stitch’s toys were sitting right where he left them, his bed, his dish…. Life without our dog is sad. In time, we will get another dog.

Stay Curious, Be Blessed.

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